Hard Lid - New Model Release


Friday, Apr 20, 2018

Much awaited Hard Lid Carry Me Camper has recently been released!

Jacksons Carry Me Camper are excited about the recent release of their new model Hard Lid Slide On Camper, which was on display at the recent Adelaide and Melbourne Caravan and Camping Shows.  Our unique bi-fold roof offers the industry's best internal headspace and ventilation!  The camper is amazingly quick and easy to set up and pack up, is low profile, and streamlined - giving excellent vision to the rear.  It is incredibly sturdy on its legs/jacks when not on the vehicle.  The large, roomy tailgate does not drop lower than tray height upon opening, allowing the camper to be forward mounted which is a huge benefit in keeping all weight as far forward as possible.  Our ladder also has some great benefits - it is housed/stored within the tailgate so is always clean and dry.  The ladder treds remain horizontal regardless of ladder angle and the legs are independently adjustable which is important when camping on rocky, sandy or uneven ground.

As with all Carry Me Camper models - the fridge, kitchen and pantry are all easily accessible even with the camper packed - perfect for roadside lunch and smoko stops.  The Hard Lid Model comes complete with dual tilt fridge slides, loads of robust storage in the kitchen/pantry which is complimented by a large, simple step down, self supporting, stainless steel work bench.

Although not shown in the images of our current demo - the camper comes with permanently attached awning as standard.  The awning retains the height and quality Australian canvas of previous models for the best cooling qualities.  The camper can be set up with or without the awning.

The drivers side comes complete with alcove for second fridge if desired, lithium battery and a huge amount of flexible storage space.  The roof of the camper houses 360 watts of solar while the bed area has a very comfortable 4" inner spring mattress, unrivalled ventillaton and headspace, 2 huge carpet lined clothes drawers plus a host of other great features.

Video of the camper set-up, pack-up and a general walk around is available for viewing either here on our webpage of on our Jacksons Carry Me Camper facebook page.

Whist the whole concept has taken a little longer than first anticipated - we have to admit we are very happy with the outcome.  Our original prototype withstood close to 12 months of rigorous testing over some very demanding tracks and challenging conditions.  It was important for us to ensure we had done the appropriate testing and the camper met our stringent quality and criteria requirements before being released.   It certainly underwent many tweaks and changes before ending up with our current version.  At this stage the Hard Lid Model is only available for Single and Extra Cab tray lengths.

Inspection at Murray Bridge factory by appointment only - Please contact us for further information:-

Jacksons Australia

Ph 08 85312700



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