Recently an offer came to buy our Carry Me Camper business!


Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

Dear Carry Me Camper Customer
We have some news that we want to share with you.
Recently an offer came to buy our Carry Me Camper business!

As some of you may well know selling campers is quite tiring, travelling to a show, setting up, being on our feet all day talking to customers, then packing up and repeat, repeat, repeat. As much as we love meeting new and old customers alike, there is a time limit on how long we will be able to continue this.

For this reason Wayne and Marg Jackson from Jacksons Australia/Jacksons 4x4 Accessories will take over ownership the Carry Me Camper brand as of the 1st October 2014. We at Candy Canvas will continue to make the tents for them.

Jacksons have been manufacturing the main box and other components for many years now, and know our campers very well. Wayne and Marg have travelled much of Australia’s outback and are as passionate about this type of travel as we are. We have complete confidence that they will continue to innovate and maintain the Carry Me Camper as a quality, user friendly product. You will love this couple, as we do after 15 years of doing business with them. They are friendly, energetic and enthusiastic. When you see them at shows, please make yourselves known to them.

Wayne and Marg are very keen to continue with the Corroborees and we plan to continue attending them. Once they get their feet on the ground we are sure that you will hear from them.

It is with heavy hearts that we are letting this business go. As you know, our passion has always been the campers. We have loved the travelling and meeting and making special friendships with our Carry Me Camper Family. But, as time ticks on, so do we. Candy Canvas will continue to manufacture our canvas products such as swags, bags, seat covers and as mentioned before, we will still be making the Carry Me Camper tents.

With over 17 years of hard work and dedication having gone into the Carry Me Camper we have been very selective about who might be able to continue on with the product. We know Jackson’s will take good care of the name and we ask that you place the same confidence in them that we have.

Phil and Sandy Candy
Candy Canvas